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Born in an ordinary family Kiev workers. Until fourth grade student in secondary school. First, even at a young age I felt the need to draw. I did not attach special significance to their drawings. They are evaluated by friends and teachers of fine arts. Then I went to art school RHSSH them. Shevchenko - the only one in Ukraine. At school, studying surface anatomy, perspective and composition basics of drawing and sculpture, acquainted with the true masterpieces of world art, made copies of paintings, which strengthened my knowledge in the art.

Introduction to the well-known artists: Boroday, radishes, and Kovalev Yablonska - made a great contribution in my development as masters of painting and sculpture. When you admonishes People's Artist of the USSR, you feel more responsibility for their work. Somehow, I remember my first sculptural work - the relief of the ancient Greek philosopher Seneca - Professor mistook for a classic. Copying the works of famous artists, you begin to feel that love and penetration, which forced them to create masterpieces.

In 1984, the average received his art education, he went into the army. The Armed Forces designed the various projects, papers, boards and posters. Later, I started ordering more serious things: sculpture dedicated to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War. After the service I have actively participated in exhibitions in Kiev. My sculptures adorned the Ukrainian Museum and the Museum of diplomas awarded Shevchenko.Raboty as in sculpture and in painting. I was drawn not only to the sculpture, but also in painting, in which I have found harmony, as in the Renaissance Mikilyanzhello.

Then, he moved to Moscow, I did not stop work on their skill level. Only a true artist can fully express my feelings on canvas or in sculpture. Not only to be born - to learn and work hard. The mid-80s - early 90s for me, as for many people in the country, it was quite a difficult time. Saved vocation and skills obtained in school. My "bread" were portraits. And, unlike many conveyor portrait, I wanted to do their work as "excellent." I had to do portraits, not only from nature but from the photo. Experience has affected their school years and knowledge of human anatomy.

When I paint a portrait, for me the main thing - to reflect the spiritual condition of man posing. I'm not trying to copy his look, write down the smallest details. Simply take a picture. The task of the wizard is to create something that is not fully available for the car - to make the image a living, breathing. My work may not in all points conform to the canons of painting.

I think that you can break the rules, if it helps to express the "flavor" inherent in every person. When I paint, I should have human contact with those whom I draw. Only then can get a good picture. Even the great artists of the past encouraged to communicate with nature, to take full "reveal" the inner nature of man. Graduated from the University of radioactive waste in the city of Moscow is also a member of the creative union of artists.

As for creative ideas, they've got. I would like to create a series of sculptural works devoted to the fallen heroes - police officers. Many police officers perform heroic deeds in our seemingly peaceful life. Take, for example, dog handlers. They and their shaggy companions constantly risking their lives. And how many dead members of special police units. I want to note that recent artist Vladislav Protasov was awarded the title Honored Artist of Russia.
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